The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread


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Alright, with new photos and videos out, let's get this ball rolling, here is where we can keep all out findings on parts, material, sizing, ref pictures .....etc.

When new information arrises this first post will be updated to reflect the new information. So let's start the discussion

Capt. Steve Rogers has a new suit in "The Avengers " more form fitting and streamlined for the 21st century.



the helmet retains alot of the old lines and shape of the TFA helmet, simply streamlining it,sharper cheeks, removing the leather liner and inlaying what appears to be metal wings and "A" on the forehead.


Having yet to identify the suit fabric, whether it be an actual fabric or screen printed like the spiderman suits. We can only guess until clearer shots appear online. though the suit maintains the blue color along with red and white stripes across the abdomen, the stripes DO NOT wrap all the way around the body though, only wrapping about 3/4 of the body.

The main colors appear to be a dark Royale Blue, White , Red , and alighter shade of blue. along with silver accents on the shoulders. Zippers in the thighs and abdomen.

Chest Star Template by Gemini Khan :


The gloves being mostly Red with Blue accents on the palms and silver accents on the forearm guards. They look to be made from mostly Leather with fabric between the fingers, palms , and elastic strapping. The gloves look to resemble motorcycle/sport gloves with the added knuckle guard and padding in the fingers.


the Boots are the same red as the gloves, however being cobbled together from found items, the Upper section of the boot appears to be custom, while the bottom sole is actually from an Oakley boot or shoe sharing similar design.


Oakley OAKLEY S.I. ASSAULT BOOT™ 8 INCH | Oakley Store



the Shield retains the same look it had in TFA, a 26' Diameter aluminum ( Vibranium ) Shield,.

Comic Con shots :

Lovely Fan made from our own Chris F. :


Avengers: Captain America's Uniform and Locker - a set on Flickr

Comic Con 2011: Captain America Original Costume | Facebook

A drawing of the layout of the suit from what we have seen, generously provided by IronWarrior777. :
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re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

I have blueprints that I drew, would that be of any help?
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re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

If anyone is willing to help with the body suit for this suit, I have a nice shield here with their name on it :)
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

Anythin you guys think would help , please do either post it or pm me and ill update the first post as neccessary , with all of us working together we can produce the best result !
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

I know alot of people seem to think the material is printed, if so , maybe we should start knocking out a tiling pattern for the material. Even if it wasn't I still think that would be the best place to start. until a more official resource presents itself
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

I don't think it's printed. Had a bunch of folks who saw it in person at SDCC say it looked like what a typical patterned jersey looks like at walmart or target, that Champion dryfit shirt type pattern on it.
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

Really ? hrmmmm, ok. guess it's time to hit the internetz... HARD... " susan ?!.. bring me coffee, it's gonna be a long night ! "
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

it looks like there's 2 diff types notice the lower material under the chin... looks like it has a... " -) " kind of pattern
re: The Definitive Captain America "Avengers" Costume Thread

I have a friend who saw the suit at SDCC, and he said it was "athletic foam" material, leading me to believe it may be a thin printed neoprene material.
This is absolutely not a printed pattern. I have examined these pics very closely, and enlarged them substantially. Looking at the light patterns, shadows and highlights.

Definitely not printed.

I think it's printed on a matte fabric, that's how it's shiny and looks like texture.

We just have to agree to disagree.

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