The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?


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I just finished watched this documentary. Anybody else seen it?

Fascinating story about the genesis and demise of this bizarre project that was supposed to star Nicholas Cage as Superman.

My first impression is that it's amazing (but not surprising) how the vast majority of creative decisions regarding design and story was informed by everything BUT comics. These were cinematic creative forces using the comics to basically wipe their backsides.

I've said before that I'm hoping modern Warner/DC has the sensibility to draw upon the creative talent of their comics division instead of handling superhero films like any other action picture.

Definitely recommended viewing.
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havent seen it yet but always enjoyed hearing john shnepp talk about anything comic book related so will def do so.


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I used to think Kevin Smith was exaggerating when he talked about producer Jon Peters - no exaggeration. Peters is the kind of classically eccentric producer for which Hollywood is known. "1. No flying. 2. No suit. 3. Giant spider."


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smith wrote the script but once directing duties were given to tim burton, he brought in other writers to rewrite the rewrite. kevin smith is a geek-comic book fan but burton deffinately is not, and neither was peters.


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It was just on Showtime last night, so I recorded it. Just finished watching it and my jaw is just on the floor. I really wish I could've seen this version of Superman now.
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