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So i have loved the darkness comics for a while and then came across the witch blade comics about a year ago i loved the costume but i wanted to do a costume that hasnt been done from the comics or has only been done once or twice! I fell in love with the character Angelus and as a cosplayer the first thing i fell in love with was her costume!! My boyfriend decided he wanted to do Jackie from the darkness so i decided what a better time to start on mine!! His is almost done he is also showing his progress here.There are many different versions of her no 2 are the same but im taking bits and pieces from each but mainly doing her in her purest form.
2015-02-28 21.06.23.png

2015-02-28 21.01.48.png


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First thing almost done!! i got a hand/claw thing built not just time for painting! The texture is burned in so when people look up close it will look and feel awesome! 2015-05-05 22.39.00.jpg 2015-05-05 22.38.53.jpg
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