the dark knight pepakura armour?


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hi all
just wondering if there are some files out there for a sert of the dark knight armour in pepakura form
any info would be great
there are some files, like a cowl etc.
on the other hand, you wont be able to wear a pep batman suit, as its not movable.
you would literally be a statue :)

look in the costume forum, there is a thread on making a tdk/BB suit out of foam and stuff that you have at home. its not perfect, but its a start, and its way easier than pep :)
hope that helps
THanks for the tip. Yes I understand that you cant make a complete suit from apepakura file :) Just fwondered if there was any files out to make some of the "harder" parts that you attach to an undersuit etc. Just to save time with making templates and to get them as accurate as possible.
Almost necro posting but its with in six months

Google seach and search still no files.


There are parts that can be used like the shoulders, gauntlets. but i agree the entire suit would be to much.

I would try and make the pep files but i cant find any 3d TDK files anywhere that arent $40 or more. so i think i may go the route of modeling it in 3d the pepping it.
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