The Dark Knight Joker Socks by Tabio

In case anyone wants Joker socks that are made by Tabio they are still available and in 3 styles now.

Why buy replicas when you can get the real deal by the company that made them for Heath?

$20 a pair. SHIPPED! (side note: that was September of 2019)

They're not on the US website but if you email them with the item number they can send you an invoice and send them straight to you from Japan. They sent mine Priority Mail. Here's my invoice with the item numbers.


Also, I just want to mention, these are $20 a pair because of QUALITY not because of "replicability." You're not paying $20 because they're Joker socks. You're paying $20 because they are 100% wool and the most comfortable damn socks I've ever worn in my life. Win-win!

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