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This is the result of over a years’ worth of time and brainstorming to develop this character with the help of Wreav, TJ, and Scott Marshall. I could not have asked for a more accommodating group of inspiring artists and friends to help this project come to life. This is not just a amazing suit, it is a work of art and I am proud to add this along side my P1 from them. So I give you a teaser of the DARK ELDER. Stay tuned for more photos and video clips as we progress forward. I also encourage any new suit buyers to reach out to Wreav and his team for in my opinion the best suits out there. Hope you all enjoy. volume up!



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It's good but can i have suggestions for the teaser, trailer or whatever you call it..... Very good idea to film the torso and back but a bit ''too much'' in my humble opinion. As a sci-fi fan and creator, we need to see a bit more sci-fi scenery as well, like the Yautja spaceship in the end of the P2 film. What do you think? I am just shooting some ideas like that!!!!!! Like for example the Dark elder is in a yautja temple on Yautja prime or earth, or another planet. Put some lightning in the back ? some rain play with the lights and shadows of the short film? So far it has A HUGE POTENTIAL guys keep it up!
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