Interest THE DARK CRYSTAL - "The Crystal Shard" - Made from real Crystal Glass!!!


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"The Dark Crystal"

~The Crystal Shard~

In anticipation to the new Dark Crystal series coming!!! I bring you the 'Crystal Shard'!!!

This is Hand-Carved from real Lead Crystal Glass to match the original prop!!!

The original prop was used in creating this by mapping all the facets on every side of the crystal into a 3D model and then was used by a master crystal craftsman to hand-carve it to match the original prop!
So, you'll be getting the same exact prop, but BETTER, since the original prop was clear plastic. You'll be getting a more Real-World Version of this prop, since this is carved from real Lead Crystal Glass!!!

In a faraway world a mighty astronomical event is about to occur, the Great Conjunction of the planet's Three Suns. At this time,
the cruel Skeksis who rule this world from the castle of the Dark Crystal are frightened to learn that an ancient prophecy may
be coming true: A survivor of the Gelfling, an elfin race they thought they had destroyed, is seeking to restore the missing shard
of the Dark Crystal before the moment of the Great Conjunction, thus ending the tyranny of the Skeksis. Hidden in the valley of
the urRu, young Jen the Gelfling has been raised by a tribe of mystics and knows little of the world outside, but know his Master's
dying words have charged him with his mission to find the lost shard before it is too late. Traveling through many strange places and
encountering many extraordinary beings, Jen races against time to unravel the mystery of his quest and save his world from the forces
of evil by retrieving this shard and restoring it to the Dark Crystal.

Material: Clear or Purple Lead Crystal Glass

It measures approximately 6 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W x 1" Thick.


Interest List:

1. Raiders March (P)











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Raiders March

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These are great guys, still love my set. Did'nt know about the prequel deal, thought it was just rumours. Hope they can do the original justice, and go easy on the cgi
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Incept Date

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Can't wait for this. Has anyone made a scaled down version on the master crystal which the shard came from like a shelf or table top one. Funko Reaction made figures and contained pieces of the crystal that once you collect them all it made the full crystal.
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