The Dark Crystal Mystic head 1:1 Replica


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One of my favorite all time childhood movies was The Dark Crystal,so as I was having a chat with a friend he said I should sculpt a Mystic and Skeksis.
I started on this the other day its a tinfoil armature covered in bondo and Ill be using super sculpey clay as I feel i can achieve the small swirl patterns the best with the polymer clay.
I have lots of reference including measurements from a screen used one so Im going to try and replicate it to the best of my ability.
I have about an hour into it but ran out of clay so I ordered more should be in this coming week.Here is what I have so far,its basically the rough out no details yet.
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If Amish has his way Chamberlin will follow lol. I have already gotten a lot of nice reference for him as well,so we will see how this one comes out and decide.
thats brilliant, its allready looking great, Dark Crystal is one of my favourites, i've just been asked to do a podling, a slave version.
The making of dark crystal book has some good refereance of the mystics, and the other creatures
Really good start, this will need a good bit of clay!!!!!!
Here's a 1:1 Mystic head from my collection, hoping to sort a few more characters at some stage (Skeksis, Aughra, pod people etc)

Will watch with interest!!
i can see if theres any decent shots in the book if you want, scan them in?, nice prop there skycat

Yeah man if you woulnt mind never hurts to have more ref. thanks :thumbsup
And yeah nice mystic head you got there.Hopefully mine will look like it when its done.
Well there wasn't so many great pics in there, just a couple


a few more black and white, but nothing great, this iss about the best
Wow no those are excellent I didnt realize all the mystics have slightly different face shapes. The one Im doing is Jens master which is what I have the most ref. for.

Also Frosty is this the book you have?

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