The costume that got away


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What's the one costume (or parts thereof) that you've always wanted but know you'll never purchase or make?

I'll start - the original Jean-Paul Valley version of Azrael by Joe Quesada. Geeky to the nth degree, but, good lord, would that not kick ass if done properly?

Since that volume of Azrael was cancelled, and Valley is dead, my guess is that this version of the costume will soon fade into obscurity. Never did dig the Michael Lane version.
A couple years ago, I was first loser on an eBay auction for one of the three screen-used (one of two Hero's) coats made for Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly. The auction ended on my birthday.

Earlier this week, I missed out on the OTHER hero.

One day...
I believe it was earlier this year, but I missed out on the chance to bid on Neo's screen used coat from the Matrix Reloaded. I was trying to get the money together for a bid but it didn't work out. It ended up selling for around $4700.

Out of the entire Matrix series, all I'd ever want is that coat and a pair of Neo's boots from the original Matrix.
A kick ass Iron Man costume with full electronics, even to the point of servo sounds when walking. However, everybody and their grandmother has already done an Iron Man costume. Plus, I just don't have enough spare time to do it right. (Read - at least a year of every waking moment) So, forget about it...
I really want to make a Spaceballs Blackguard. I finally got a visor to at least finish the helmet for now. But making that chest armor stumps me until I get a huge vacuum-form table.
I don't know if it counts as costume, but I would love to have been able to commission a cutlass from Jody Samson before he died.
A Replica of a walking with dinosaurs puppet >_<
As much as I would love to build my own, It's waaaaaaaaay beyond my budget/skill level to make.
I've missed out on 2 auctions that I really wanted.

1-Original Judge Dredd Firing Lawgiver and holster for $3000.00, just didn't have the cash.

2-Original Farscape Season 1 John Crichton holster rig. Missed it by seconds, because of a faulty password!
Sahe Vizla may the one for me :( It's a fight the whol eway...

But the one that I did not do when I should have was Carlotta from the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. It would have been great to play the diva (severed head and all) for a contest a few years back had I not psyched myself out and let some things said about me get into my head ;)
I didn't realise it at the time but it was my last chance at that contest. I now run it ;)

I figure with time I can do all the stuff I want to do, just not everything in the world ;) But I tend to limit my want list to things possible in my workshop rather than a full fledged studio! So no welding or anything requiring a special license....
I don't know if it counts as costume, but I would love to have been able to commission a cutlass from Jody Samson before he died.

I agree with you there, I always liked his work and held off buying some of his swords as I wanted to get him to make one I could commission. Waited too long.

As for actual costumes, one of three of Bradon Lees original hero costumes from the Crow came up on e-bay about 5 years ago, it was the shirt, leather pants, jacket and boots. I was dead broke and had to watch it go for less than $4k it broke my heart.
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