Limited Run The Claw (The Wampa) Saber Run (Jawas Junkyard)


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Hi All,
Very excited to announce this project.

To sign up please complete this form:
Pre-Order Sign UP

Based on the design from Larz's Bone Works - our fully CNC version of the wampa claw - saber. The Claw.
- Fully machined aluminium and PA66 (for the 'bone').
- Anodised aluminium
- 1" blade opening.
- 28mm main internal diameter for install. Chassis will be available, purchase PIY files or you can purchase direct 3D print from Jawas Junkyard or Jawas Junkyard shapeways store depending on budget or preference.

- Pricing is $310 USD for the empty hilt (including PayPal fees) but shipping is on top in final payment invoice.
- Preorders to be open for about 1 month and the production will take about 1.5 months.

Hilt as standard comes with a black PA66 (nylon) 'claw'. To get the painted bone affect, a service will be available offered by Larz's Bone Works. Larz will offer the paint service starting at $50 USD for standard, with extras available (pricing on extras TBD). PRICE is not including the return shipping. Picture of the "Standard" painted Claw is in the images below (please note the fully assembled pictures are a different type of painting).

I will put the option on this form to select a Larz's Bone Works painting service, and for those orders that select it. I will do a combined ship to Larz in an effort to reduce the shipping cost involved.

We will also release a DIY guide for you to achieve a similar painted bone effect yourself. Please see example pictures in the assembled hilt, are from a DIY paint attempt by me (a non painter).

Your deposit is of course going to be refunded if the production for some unknown reason does not go ahead.





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