The Book of Boba Fett


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great points. Not saying it parallels Unforgiven to a tee at all but many of Eastwoods westerns, especially that one. Munny had lost an edge but who he was came out in the end. His wife (biggest influence) was gone, now he had kids to take care of. He always was who he was. It layed dorment until...Boba may be having a heart change but his rage and brutality is still there...and his aim is pretty good. What they haven't shown us yet is what happened between the time that he left Mando to reuniting with Fennec and returning back to kill Fortuna. That is a huge missing link to this because he was totally fine before that...The fact that Boba didn't come in to Jabbas Palace in a blaze of glory himself but had Fennec take out everyone EXCEPT Bib, tells me that He had to get the credit for that kill was planned that way, Fennec could have got Bib too. Boba seems like a rechargeable battery who is saving all his best for last...he's going out in a blaze of glory.

Doesn't the Schofield kid remind you of that young bounty hunter on the Mandalorian episode The Gunslinger?

Here is a question: Is it possible they filmed 2 endings for the BOBF in case fans don't like it up to the finale, they can kill him off and be done with the book or if fans are really digging it, continue another season by having him live?
The Schofield Kid is similar to the newbie bounty hunter in the sense that they are inexperienced and wet behind the ears. In fact, if they had instead introduced someone like "the kid" instead of Fennec by Fett's side, I would've been okay with that. The kid could more or less be the audience's POV, awed by Boba Fett and his badass escapades, much to Fett's annoyance. The Kid would basically be an "in-galaxy" proxy of us Fett fans, saying many of the very things we do. Is Fett really a badass or just myth? Is he holding back? Maybe Fett himself would try to downplay his own legend. Maybe if they wanted to add a tragic element, establish that Fett is terminally ill. Maybe the kid inherits the armor, since he becomes the closest thing Fett has to a son, like Boba inherited it from Jango. Maybe the kid could be named Jodo Kast, if they wanted to reintroduce that name into the canon and reimagine/rework that character. If they wanted to add depth and nuance to the character, that would've been far more interesting to me rather than this crimelord story that (thus far) hasn't gone much anywhere and isn't particularly compelling.

AS long as they don't change any facet of the character it would be interesting. Honestly, before any of the ST came out i expected them to include an Obi Wan talk with Luke again somehow in what would be episode 7...

I was soooo disappointed they didn't use movie magic to bring back Obi-wan. They did with Yoda but I always felt like Luke was closer to Obi-wan. I would hope and frankly expect, that Qui-gon will appear in the Obi-wan show, discussing Anakin and the mysteries of the Force. That could be cool at least.
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