The book nook diorama "Raiders of the Lost Ark"


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For some time I have been thinking about designing small dioramas inspired by cinema, I saw some of these book nooks on the web, so I started making my first movie-themed book nook and to start off well I dedicated it to the Raiders of the Lost Ark, for this chapter I have recreated the setting from the beginning of the film when the character enters the temple of Chachapoyas to find the idol of fertility. All done by hand, I tried to best reproduce the scene, the idol and the base are illuminated by a small LED with a switch applied to the back. The front of the book nook is a patterned recreation of the Chachapoyas temple. The Diorama is enriched with mosses and lichens. The dimensions are 17x21x8. A nice idea to put in your home library. The realization takes time and attention for this reason I thought of a small run of 5 pieces. The price is € 250 + shipping. I leave you to the pictures and the video I made. For those interested a small deposit of € 50 will be required.



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