The BMO Blaster build.


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This was a build for my Halloween Costume. Star wars themed adventure time characters is what we are doing this year and I am gonna be Finn the Human Jedi. I realize Jedi don't typically carry blasters but eh. Felt like I needed bmo.

I started off with just sawing off the front of the nerf hammershot that I decided to use.


I than took it apart, modified the barrel so it would work with out the front and took out the airflow restrictor. Along with this I sanded down the "wrap" grip it had so I could add my own later.

I primed it with some automotive black vinyl paint that I had and actually looked really nice.

I than spray painted it the inital color, and hand painted in the grays.

I finished adding in all the separate colors, that i wanted. They are slightly off which i did on purpose but it has pretty much the color scheme of BMO.

There is one or two more photos but in the interested of time, I just grimed up the gun a bit, and added silver to parts to give it a scratched metalic look and than added a leather grip. All in all for my first project like this I like how it came out.
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