The Blues Brothers tie


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Can any one please post a link to a place that i can buy the tie or a tutorial that shows how to modify it
Being in a Blues Brothers tribute band, myself, I can tell you that finding a decent tie is a long and hard journey. The one they have listed is just a normal, run-of-the-mill black tie. I would also like to mention, if you look for it, there was a discussion about the costume, and a lenghty argument about the tie. The tie I use is the absolute closest I've been able to come. I bought it at Hot Topic, and I believe the rand name to be Blase. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions get in touch or go to Blues Brothers Central, Chris, the guy that runs the message board is always happy to help, but don't get discouraged if he doesn't right away, he gets alot of jerks on the board and can be standoffish at times.


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nice pictures .

I never saw blues brothers until recently and man. how on earth have i gone so long without watching such a CLASSIC.


if you want the ties, myself and my brother found them at the great webpage, but we also found them at the mall in the HOT TOPIC store ... (Buffalo, NY location)

we are hooked on blues brothers now ... such a FUN movie.

not 100% accurate to the movie (close, but our car is a 1971 instead of a 1974)