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"The Black Hole" Robot Party

Red Eye

I've recently stumbled upon these great and rare photos of some Disney employees wearing the original Sentry Robot and Humanoid costumes during the premiere party at the Century Plaza Hotel in 1979... enjoy!


Wes R

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Very cool. I remember being more wowed as a kid by this movie than star wars for some reason. i think because in many ways it was way darker. I bet those costumes are worth a fortune.


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God, I love that movie. The USS Cygnus is STILL one of the greatest starships ever created for the cinema!


Thanks for sharing the photos!

Red Eye

The glove/sleeve of the Humanoids, what type of material is that?​
Is that pleated leather like Vader's?​

Thanks for all of your kind words! I wish I had one of those Sentry Robot costumes...

To answer your question: The Humanoid gloves were made of burgundy colored vinyl.


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Those are great historical images. I also like the second picture on the lower set where it shows one of the helmets larger than the rest. That actor must of had a huge head.

Red Eye

Glad all of you like them! :)

I'm also still looking for reference photos of the original Sentry Robot costume.

If anybody here has anything to share, please let me know! Thanks.


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What makes these pictures doubly wonderful is how very 70s the hair, clothing and decor of the hotel is! You really feel like you are in 1979!!



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Here is a pic from a recent visit to the Disney Archives:
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