The black hole - maximillian head


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Hi chaps, many moons ago i started work on a max head.

i got this far and was not happy with the angle the head sides were at:


i have viewed the film on various tvs and pc monitors and for the life of me cant get the angle correct due to the film image being stretched or whatever.

i guessed the head at 17" at its widest point. i got that from the fight scene at the end with vincent. both were very close together and vincents head was/is very close to 18" , max's head looked ever so slightly smaller in diameter.

anyway can any of you brainy chaps like to have a go at the diameter and height of the head? if we can get this i would restart work on a new one.


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Comparing some of the Maximillian maquette pics that surfaced (thanks to SDCC and Propstore's display) to the MPC kit, I would think that scaling up the model kit would be a good place to start.



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The Model kit was inaccurate in alot of places. I plan on doing a head of my own later in the year, I'll post as things get done...


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i now have a far more accurate piece to work from, a scaled version i did a few months ago, i will be using this to upscale to a full size head.




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If you goal is truly to build a 1:1 scale Maximillian, then I salute and respect you, sir! I'd be happy with just the head. I'd but an effects box in it and make it go "wom wom wom" all night. If you ever offer a kit for the head or the whole darn thing, please send me a PM. And excellent work so far!

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