The Birth of the Legend

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His clan in shambles. This once great clan elder, is now alone, abandoned by his homeworld.

They speak his name under quiet clicks and chirps, and some utter ROGUE and badblood. But inside he knows who he is, he knows that he had to do what he did. He was betrayed by a unblooded. They turned on him and he had to put them all down. For you never question the legendary.

He is the only yautja to ever capture 10 Queens alone. He is One of the most magnificent specimens of power among the yautja.

They say he was mad, to only use blade and combi, but he held the utmost respect for the hunt, and thought of only using a burner as a last resort.

He now stalks the galaxy, trying to restore honor to his clan.

Prepare for his coming.

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The limbs of the trees bent ever so slightly as he glided through the tree tops. This is his domain, hidden, alone, above it all, watching it all unfold.

He smiles inside. Knowing that if it weren't for him all of these oomans would die and their children would witness the horror first hand as chest bursters chewed their way out of mommy and daddys bodies. and then the bursts of pain would come and the ooman child would have no idea that in a moment it would be all over.

Karikna glanced into the young girls eyes as he uncloaked and extended his combi stick. She stood in awe and she tried to understand what this being was before her. But his attention onto her was fleeting as he lept over her head and tackled the xeno before it attacked.

This is what he loved. The onslaught. Facing a brooding hive on an ooman outpost planet. These oomans would pay him homage because he was going to do what only he could. He rarely hunted oomans when he was younger. They never posed any threat to him. He had always laughed when he had seen hunters with ooman skulls around their waist bands. Flaunting it around the mother ships. It sickened him. For he had only ever faced the best of challenges.

The small scouting party of xenos all stopped they all appeared to stand there for a moment as he had never seen before then they started to flee, as if by some unknown way they knew that he was here for them. And that they were all going to die.

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Keep them coming Twei!
Yeah, seriously keep it coming reads better than some of the APV novels and these are written by “professionals.” I like your writing style. Your character sounds like a Yautja. In one book I’m reading, the author has the Yautja come across as sounding like humans buy the way the author has them talk, think, act…There’s nothing alien, mysterious or other worldly about them about them in this book I’m reading now.


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He barely saw the face hugger as it lept towards him. But the mindless creature soon flopped to the ground split in half. He retracted his elbow blade and advanced further into the darkness.

He had been to this place many times before. On many different worlds. But it always looked the same in the egg chamber no matter where the queen chose to nest.

Even now he could hear the squeals and hisses of the drones as they dashed in and tried to save what eggs they could. He stabbed through each egg he came across destroying the squirming contents.

The weak oomans would be spared the agony of their chests erupting outwards and ceasing to exist if only by his blade.

He paused for a moment and remembered the lil ooman female child that reached out to him.
As he lept over her and decimated the attacking xeno. He saw a larger ooman slumped over on the ground its face enveloped by a hugger.
He realized this smaller ooman was an offspring of the larger.
A wetness dripped from her eyes and she squealed in agony as blood shot out from her chest. Without hesitation he thrust his blade through her and ended her suffering. The emerging xeno he pulled from her body and crushed in his palm.
Everything I touch Dies, The words of his elder engraved into his mind.

As his mind wandered he came back to where he was at the moment. A lone yautja preparing to take a full grown queen down.

The mindless drones would attack first and a group of praetorians would soon follow. It always seemed to come together the same.

But something was different this time, a sound echoed through the chamber that he had not heard in a very long time.


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The plasma grazed his upper shoulder armor as he dove forward seeking cover.

To die in a nesting chamber was not acceptable.

The clicks were unmistakable. The chirps and laughter angered him.

He activated his camouflage.

Unlike a majority of yautja, Twei was much more adept at altering his gear as he had learned from the greatest of elders. He had to it was the only way he had survived as long.
His Cloaking device shrouded him completely from every spectrum of vision.

He silently moved around the room to see who his attackers were.

The marks on their bios were unmistakable. Their primative weaponary.

He studied them as they stupidly scanned the room unable to find him.

They were true bad bloods, but he had never seen an entire clan of them before.

And just as soon as he was forgetting her there she was again.
The young ooman female that he had saved from suffering.
As one of the smaller yautjas in the party raised its staff,there she was her head stuck to the top of it.

To dishonor the dead. no matter what they were.

In only the way that he had ever known. Success or death. He made his move.
"Everything I touch dies" echoed through his body and mind.
He extended his combi in mid jump right into the middle of the group.

Tearing his bio off he flared his mandibles in a fit of unseen rage.
His elbow blades extended as he spun and took the first two down before they could react.

He was Twei-Karikna the greatest yautja to have ever existed and after this day he would forever be seen as such.
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