The Batman popcorn bucket


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AMC put out another cool one day offering for opening day. The Batman cowl/popcorn bucket. I got a few of these but just got around to really looking at it today.
For those that didn't get one here's my 5 cent review:

1. Its undersized. Not terrible as once on a shelf it's hard to tell.
2. It stands completely on it's own.
3. It's hard plastic.
4. Absolutely no way you can turn this into a costume piece.
5. The details are very crisp, and to my untrained eye, pretty accurate.
6. With the bucket lid down, you would never know it opens up as the lid closes amazingly well.
7. This detail surprised me. It has clear acrylic lenses in it.

All in all, for 25.00, I thought it was pretty cool and not a bad investment (they are going for silly money now). But for something that is going up on a shely with my other Batman cowls, I really can complain.

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