The Batman Experience: Restoring the 1989 Keaton Suit


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Yeah I just watched this! Keaton '89 Batsuit is still my all time favorite.

It's funny, as I was watching it I was thinking to myself "mixing up new material to patch up the original suits, while nice, isn't authentic enough"...

...and then they poured the old crumbs into the batch :)


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A lot of people were impressed at the shape the items were in at SDCC. Seeing that a lot of the parts were actually 3d prints of scans makes sense now. It seems like the only option when it comes to crumbling foam latex, but they are no longer screen used parts so it's just a little sad.


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A few years ago, I went to the Tim Burton exhibit and they had an original cowl or two in the show. The ears were quite wilted and looked like they were on their last legs. Great to see them restored!

(The museum wouldn't let us take photos, dangit.)