The Bad Blood: Foam build

Well I have like 4 months to finish this suit for Comiccon Scotland, I have back ups in case I am not finished in time.. but fingers crossed.
Well, I was getting roped into doing zombie make-up for a charity event, someone said I was into that and thus my services were volunteered without my knowledge or consent. Just so happens Comiccon is the very same weekend... Such a shame cause I mean I have already bought my tickets for comiccon and they are non refundable.... *shifty eyes*

Not that I don't like charity... But when someone else says I will do it... and you are talking putting make-up on 60+ people.... Was not looking forward to it.
I am so going to say that to them when I tell them I can't do the Zombie Walk thing... then am gonna be like "Want some candy?" Then a Billy laugh
The undermask? It is latex and I bought it from Munson. I had to ditch my sculpt when it dried out But I will make another one someday, focusing on getting this build out of the way first, then I will work on tweaking it and doing my own mask.
it's pretty good. i search mask in my country - no results. amazon too is not very well. i guess, i need to buy one mask made by someone. i can sculpt it, but latex is not very popular in here too.
I was toying with the idea of making the blades extendible.

My plan was to use a remote control car motor. Placing a threaded rod on the drive shaft. the blades would be connected to a well greased bolt on the threaded rod. using the forward and reverse abilities of the motor, it would turn the threaded rod, thus moving the bolt and the connected blades forward and back. But for this build I will make the blades stationary maybe for a revisit I will give it a go.

Well, more to come.
Did you get that idea to work? You could just use the normal spring mechanisms to eject it and the motor to wind i them in.
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