The Bad Blood: Foam build


Hello everyone in the Predatorium!

DMTDeadpool is back Y'all! Holla

Been away from the pred stuff for a while. Well costume making in general for some time. Having recently finished my halloween costume for this year :D YAY Well, besides the sanding and painting part, which due to lack of garage/workshop space I need to wait till better weather to get outside with the sander to do that... I have decided to start my next project in the mean time.... I envision lots and lots and lots of sanding in my near future....

Now, most people I find are taking their Predator costumes from the movies. Granted there are variants, but I would say most of the builds seem to be based off of a cinematic Yautja. I have decided to base my build on one of the iconic Comic Yautja based on the Dark Horse series Predator: Bad Blood by Evan Dorkin and Derek Thompson.


I purchased the NECA figure and I have the comic series for reference, since there are differences between the two.

I am starting off with the Right Bracer Here is my progress so far...

Blade 01.jpg

Three blades... For those that don't have time to bleed.
Blade 05.jpg

Bracer mount, with blades pinned into place.

I have lots still to do, but thought I would let you all get some insight into what is to come from me!

DMTDeadpool... out!
I was toying with the idea of making the blades extendible.

My plan was to use a remote control car motor. Placing a threaded rod on the drive shaft. the blades would be connected to a well greased bolt on the threaded rod. using the forward and reverse abilities of the motor, it would turn the threaded rod, thus moving the bolt and the connected blades forward and back. But for this build I will make the blades stationary maybe for a revisit I will give it a go.

Well, more to come.
Thanks Brother.

Here is a little update on what I have done.

spine 01.jpg

Spine 02.jpg

The spine of a formidable foe...

Spine 03.jpg

Bone 04.jpg

Makes for some nice decoration :D

Will look better when it is properly secured but it's getting there.
I have opted for plastic blades, rather than foam. I got two chopping boards and have chopped them up ha ha! I now have three yummy blades in a fetching white colour. I am in the process of sharpening them up and cleaning them up with the dremmel, have stopped for a bit of a lunch break, since my stomach was complaining. Then I can get the blade housing done

Pics to come
Well, the build has drawn first blood. Was to be expected, no predator costume is complete without taking some blood.

As promised couple pics of the new blades...

new blade 03.jpg
new blade01.jpg

They are slightly different angles... Slightly...

They still need cleaned up but they are much sturdier than the foam ones were
And done a bit more on this one.
bracer 01.jpg
bracer 02.jpg
bracer 03.jpg

I still need to secure the blades into some sort of housing system, to keep them from moving, before I glue it all together.
Have popped some filler on the joins and am just waiting for a day to sand it all down

Have cleaned up and sprayed the blades too a nice fetching metallicy silver colour.

Am working on the bio in the mean time. Starting with a regular P1 bio with the two or three comic images of the bio as reference to work from... joy

Who's idea was it to do this build?
Bought a mask from Munson, so am waiting for that to arrive before I begin work on my bio. So I can make it to fit properly :D Doing some work on the pred skull shoulder pad found a predator head in pep that I am going to build and alter to be more skully before resining it all up

Pics coming later
Okay, done a bit of work on a battle disk.


Just a start for now, It is just three pieces of EVA foam. so far. got a bit of work to do on it.


I used two tones of foam, for picture friendly results.

More to come When I am putting my Battle Disk together, I will probably do a dedicated thread, if it turns out as I hope it will lol
Okay, done a bit more on my bracer. Been going over the figure I have the detail isn't great. In the comic the bracer is different in pretty much every panel it is featured... But I have decided that I am only going to base my suit on the Bad Blood Predator. Taking all the elements from the design, pred skull shoulder, spines all over, skulls on the knees ... but also making it up as I go along. I will do what i can to get close to the design, but there is only so much that can be done with such poor reference material


More foam arrived today... so I will be able to get working on other parts.

Okay, little update..
The parcel delivery company handling my mask delivered it to the wrong bloody house. and it was signed for! Bloody neighbours. They better not have done anything with it... They are not the most desirable kind of people.

But here I have done one of my grieves.

Here is the pep for my knee skull. It still needs modified. Going to keep the horns, but tilt them forward. Remove the nose and mandible, and make eye holes. I will also fix the teeth.

And here are the grieves, pre sanded and fillered, of course.

without the flash for more depth

And put the two together and ....

Still work to do, as always. Hope my mask gets into my possession tomorrow.
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