The Avengers movie themed desk & prop display - UPDATED 6-2-12 with auction news!


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EDIT - 6-2-12

The client for this project always said after the Avengers movie came out, he'd be auctioning the piece off for charity. If you ever wanted your chance to own this desk and all the props in it, now is the time!

He's now taking bids directly through his grammy-winning band's site:

We wish Mark best of luck with the auction and hope that he brings in a Hulk-sized haul for his chosen charity, World Vision.


Hey all,

We've just completed another one-of-a-kind that's a nice combination of furniture and prop display.

Last year, Mark Hall sold the Han Solo in Carbonite desk we created for him, raising over $10,000 for charity. We've been hard at work building him a replacement and we've updated our site today with a full gallery of photos.

Mark had a collection of officially licensed replica props from many of the various Avengers characters. He presented us Iron Man's Helmet, Thor's Hammer, Captain America's shield, and Nick Fury's needle gun and asked us to develop a desk around them. He also challenged us to work in The Hulk and Hawkeye.

Richard Riley and myself sketched up the idea, and with Mark's input, Richard built an amazing faux stone desk, with lots of little touches like metal accents, internal lighting for the main props, glass top and even hidden compartments for extra functionality.

For more pics and a full write up, please visit: The Avengers Movie Themed Desk - Custom Home Theater and Office Furniture by TSD

We've also added a video to our Youtube channel - The Avengers Desk - YouTube

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pics!


And please visit our Facebook page today and click "like" if you'd like to see this stuff before anyone else does! Tom Spina Designs | Facebook

Pics below taken before the glass was added:

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Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

all it needs is a built in PC, and a built in Mini-fridge, perhaps powered by USB from the custom PC lol

but really, it sure is purty
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

haha, ok that's amazing! love the lil nod to bruce banner too :p
i'd totally want one of these if i had the space
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

Awesome work. Great incorporation of all the characters, especially the hulk's gamma box. Wicked
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

Amazing!! I would Love to have a desk this impressive!! Mark is a lucky guy!!
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

That is just amazing what a desk. I would love something like that the work is outstanding.
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

OH MY ****ING NERGASM! I am in love with it! Seriously I would marry that desk and have little half mutant desk/nerd children! :)
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

Honestly i dont know how to say this....but this is one of the most amazing things i have seen in a very long time. I want one and i rarely say that
Re: The Avengers - movie themed desk and prop display

Awesome! Really love the sleek design of this, anything could be showcased in this and still look awesome!
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