The As You Wish Project - A Charity Project for Make-A-Wish

Art Andrews

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We are super excited to announce the As You Wish Project, a Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmet art project to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation! This will be much like 2010's TK Project put on by the 501st, except this time, we are sponsoring half the helmets via The Dented Helmet!

You can learn more about this very cool project at:

Boba Fett Costume Resource - The As You Wish Project - An Introduction

PLEASE be sure to Like the Project on Facebook at:

As You Wish Helmet Project | Facebook

Best of all, the amazing talent, skill and imagination of the RPF community is going to be directly represented in this project via our very own Volpin who has graciously agreed to customize one of the helmets on behalf of the RPF! For those who may not know him, Volpin is the master of all things Daft Punk and has recently blown us away with some of his Mass Effect weaponry!

We hope you will watch as this project develops and will be saving your money to bid on one of these amazing helmets next Aug ( you have a whole year to save) when they are auctioned off by the Make-A-Wish Foundation!


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I love stuff like this - I hope one day I would qualify to be an 'artist' on a project like this -

Great work putting this together Art
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