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Want to Buy the arkham knight

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by deathstroke132, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. deathstroke132

    deathstroke132 Well-Known Member

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    Hi! Can someone impossibly do an arkham knight suit for me?
  2. deathstroke132

    deathstroke132 Well-Known Member

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    But be aware, I only have $160. So I just realized I can't get a suit. I can't get a file and print my own because I don't have a sublimated printer.
  3. cha0tic

    cha0tic Active Member

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    Good luck buddy, I would save up or look into making it yourself.
  4. velazquezn36

    velazquezn36 Well-Known Member

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    Unfortunately, it's going to cost you more to get a nice get up of the Arkham Knight. If your budget is $160 then you will have to make do with finding materials yourself and creating it. Cowls usually go for around $230, and if you're looking for gauntlets and a belt thatll probably be another $100 maybe less, not sure. I wouldn't recommend going to zentai zentai for getting a dye sub of a batman pattern you want for the suit but they're cheap, i think $60 for a sewn up print, I wouldn't recommend going to them though. Sadly a top notch suit will cost you more, let alone the cowl. Maybe save up more for that, best of luck putting together a build.

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