The ark of the covenant - Bible page - Raiders of the lost ark


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Hey everyone,

I just made the famous Bible page seen in Raiders of lost ark.

You do not see the whole page in the movie so I took a some artistic freedom and created my own version of it. I based the graphic design on my grandfather's mother's old Bible from 1880 and translated the Bible text into Dutch.

You then need to add the Ralph McQuarrie illustration - Power of God.
The black and white version can be found on
By adding the illustration to the image you get a pretty cool looking replica prop to print.

My idea is to print the jpeg.file on a laser printer and then dip the paper in some cold espresso / coffee - to age the surface. Then, after the paper is dry, you can paint the colors in the illustration with a thin layer of acrylic paints. One can also use a black pen and fill in the lines on both the text and the rest of the image – to reduce that perfect printed look. Then frame it!

Paper format: A3

Free - private use only!


Raiders - Bible page prop.jpg

Raiders - Bible page prop WM.jpg

Indy - Bible Illustrations - Screenshots 01.png

Indy - Bible Illustrations - Screenshots 02.png
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Please could I ask members NOT to share the etching of Ralph Ark of the Covenant illustration.

I appreciate that this is part of the bible page, but it is possible to edit the file to gain access to a decent resolution version of the etching itself.

Prints of Ralph's POWER OF GOD etching are sold by Dreams and Visions Press and the proceeds of those sales go to Ralph's widow to help pay for the mountain of debt incurred by Ralph's estate - before his death - for his medical treatment.

Sharing a printable file robs Ralphs estate of much needed funds and I urge members to please bear this in mind.

Thank you for your consideration




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Oh - had no idea that was the case. I'll pick up a print of the original. Thanks for pointing that out KramStaar


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Good of you to obtain a print chris_s but perhaps you could remove the pdf attachment containing the etching as well...


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Good man elmebo. I ordered a print some time ago. It's well worth it to have an art print of the drawing, it's...well...a work of art. .



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Barney - this isn't my thread. I just posted a "thanks" for posting and a follow up to KramStarr. Not the OP I'm afraid. Looking more closely Elmebo the OP has taken it down.

Good of you to obtain a print chris_s but perhaps you could remove the pdf attachment containing the etching as well...