The Andromeda Strain WILDFIRE complex (fan made)

I love seeing stuff from this movie and these look great. Sadly this is an underrated movie but is a good example of 70s scifi.
Thanks Wes R! Its amazing the amount of time and effort that is spent researching a project. Spent many hours looking at frame by frame stills and using Michael Crichton book for reference. I tried to form a logical layout according to the movie, laying out every room that was seen in the movie.
Tell me about it. I'm working on stuff based on the Resident Evil games and the wiki is making my head spin and it doesn't even require screen caps lol. Usually the research is worse than making the stuff.

Great, now I have an overwhelming urge to go buy a set of Wildfire keys. All kidding aside, you have done fantastic work with these drawings. I always loved this movie for trying to keep more to the the science than the fiction. Well done sir.

Best regards,
Thank you 19narvik40. I was going to upload a sample of a 3d layout of level 1, however I exceeded the limit of uploading images. Oh well. 601, 601, 601 DISENGAGE, END PROGRAM, STOP.............
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