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And a good day to you all in the RPF!
I have been lurking for a long time now and a month or so back I decided it was time for my own spidey suit! I havent gotten that far in the build yet as I only have the TJack shell and lens kit and a second hand mask on the way from FlyingSpideyPickle just to goof around in and test out, but I am anxious to get the ball rolling and wanted to share what I've got so far!
When I first opened up my kit and took a good look at the master crafter that is TJack. Much love budd, these are amazing!

IMG_20150119_151741_nopm_[1].jpg 20150120_004450[1].jpg 20150120_004447[1].jpg
I gave it a light sand and painted it white to prep it for the red. Its a preference i have for when I put the mask over it, the red will bleed through the material instead of black. I kept the eyes taped for the same reason. The white will bleed through the perforated screen giving it a more solid look!

IMG_20150123_141916_nopm_[1].jpg 20150125_113855[1].jpg 20150125_113909[1].jpg 20150125_113842[1].jpg

Hit the red a couple days later at the shop after another coat of white and another light sand to scuff it up. I didnt like the way the white came for the eyes so I gave them a vinyl sticker layer and gave it a rough trim. The lens frames had just dried from the first coat of paint after moulding them so I wanted to add the mesh to the lenses to see how the bleed looked, they came out great! pics of that to come soon. All in all I'm pretty happy with the process and its coming along :)

That's about it for now! I'll be putting in more work little by little and hope to have it done by next week or so. I'll keep the thread updated as the build progresses. Also if I've posted this in the wrong section or made any mistakes please point them out lol

Thanks for taking a look yall! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Your friendly neighborhood sign guy :)
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