The Amazing Spiderman Costume Build M0:

Hi guys,

Finally put this in the right forum

Well I started designing this back in April, from the few pics we had been given,

It is version M0 LOL. I've still got to to do some finishing up on it and figure out the shoes?

The pattern has been digitally printed and the spider and frames made of rubber.. There is a face shell and webbshooters.

Please note the face shell is not correctly aligned and is waiting for me to fit into the suit :D
I got no camera untill next week so webcam and to suffice




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NICE!..Looking forward to seeing hi quality pics. You did a really great job! Are you going to make a run of these?

What base are you using for the face shell?


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Wow. I'm not a fan of the new movie design, but it looks amazing with yours. The face shield makes a good shape. I echo the last post. What face shell and are you making these for others? Thanks! Do you make suits for other spideys?


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Wow! This looks amazing! Great Spidey suit i love the spider logo on the front looks great. Nice shooters as well.

Look foreword to seeing future pics :) Great work.
@ Gray Fox, To explain it all in one might warrant sending me a message.

Here's my first time casting a shell. It's gone alright for the most part but won't fit a super large head...

I have got my good camera back so I will be definitely suiting up this weekend here is little preview of me still working on it . BTW the shell is still not showing its true glory on the mannequin.

OK Well, here's photos of what I took last night..

The rubber is still drying on one of the shoes.. Excuse the mess but it gets pretty hectic in there sometimes.

I wanted to add some depth to the soles so I painted them..
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