The amazing Spider-Man 2012 suit replica


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Hello everyone, ever since I saw tasm back when it first came out I absolutely loved the new suit, and now being older and having the opportunity to make my own I wanted to post about the process.

So with this suit I will be using the McLean patter and will be editing it to make vectors for screen printing. I already sized it to my size( if you guys need help you guys ca watch Johnny Michels YouTube to see how to resize the McLean files he does a really good job explaining it and has really good cosplay content) after that I started with the honeycomb pattern for the red section and printed most of it.

It took me so long to fix and arrange it. Once I am done with all the red I am going to be moving on to the blue shading under the red, the webs, spider embelms and the blue section, so for now this is all I have, I am also working on the TASM 2 suit and no way home upgraded suit which I have posted as well! I will have updates very soon!

Sorry if I haven’t been updating sooner but I just finished printing all the vectors and willl now be moving on to screen printing and dying the blue fabric for the suit since I couldn’t find the color I wanted.

I will be posting some updates tomorrow as I am screen printing and dyeing the fabric!

Hey guys just wanted to update you guys on todays progress, I have started to screen print as I previously mentioned and have started with some test prints to get the ink right here are some pics
i will do one more test to fix some imperfections.

Finally got to a point we’re I like how the ink and the puff looks good!! Took about three attempts but I finally got some good results!

Shoes just arrived!! From a shoe perspective it’s a very detailed and well made shoe by ASICS that I don’t even want to cut it. I will bring more updates Monday on the blue fabric and more screen printing updates

Just checking in, wanted to say that I have screen printed more of the red pieces and fixed the ink formula and got down the print technique. Also the blue fabric dyed near perfect, I really like how the blue came out.

also for the muscle shading on the blue sections I’m thinking of airbrushing it instead of screen printing it on.

I finally finished screen printing the fabric!! Now it’s time to sew!
Sorry if I haven’t been consistent in posting updates but today I finished painting the web shooters, I bought a raw kit off of Etsy and painted it using enamel and acrylic paints, I wanted to get a really worn look and it turned out pretty good! Now it’s time for the lights! For the web shooters I prefer them incased inside the watch instead of them being out so it will be a little inaccurate but I like them better like that, but it’s should be even more accurate since when he takes the suit off and have the web shooters they are incased in the watch face and not out of the watch face




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Looks amazing! How did you make it? And do you sell costumes as well? Am looking forward to see an unboxing type of video displaying how to wear the suit!

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