The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - My 1st Build (WIP)

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Viktor Boskovic

New Member
I've been toying around with a costume for a while now. I bought the base costume from a uk provider before I'd even heard of this website. This is it as advertised.


It has a small white square on one palm which if you point your phone at with a nap open a web flys out on your screen. A cheap gimmick. When the costume arrived it wasn't sewn to the standard of the picture with virtually none of the webbing lines matching up. I thought it looked a bit dull and cheap so I started googling for modifications I could make to improve the costume and that's where I stumbled upon this site.i couldn't believe the work and effort people were putting into their costumes and the standard of work being produced was insane. My end goal is to make my own costume from scratch but for now I was going to do what I could to make this one look as good as it could.

First thing I did was buy some aqua shoes for very little ££. Cut the souls out and glued them to the feet with a flexible rock solid contact glue I bought in ASDA. I then sewed around the edge with some red thread for extra security.


Next step was to puffy paint. I'd never done it before so I started with the feet which didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped but by the time I'd finished them I was a bit better. So I did the rest of the suit. I intend of blow drying it to get a matte finish today. Not sure if I've left it too long though.


Its looking better already. I made a few mistakes with the puffy painting by not shaking the bottle and letting air bubbles splatter. Not too fussed though as this is only really a trial costume.

my future plans

- puffy paint the red and blue lines
- attach some lenses I've bought off eBay. They were the cheapest I could find. Didn't want to spend too much on this costume. I'll save my money for a better costume eventually.
- build a face shell. My plan is to build a pep shell without eyes out of card. PVA it. Fill it with liquid rubber then use the liquid rubber cast to vacuum form a faceshell. I'm really not sure how this is going to work out.many advice would be great
- build a webstrand out of hot glue and strummer wire.
- remove the white patch

I also have have a black symbiote spider-man suit which I'm hoping to modify. It's a similarly cheap suit.

All I'm thinking of doing is puffy painting the lines/spider with deep red and adding some red lenses for a custom symbiote spidey look. I'll add some soles too. I might paint a black brick pattern too. I'll also make a custom black webstrand using the same strimmer wire and some black silicone sealant possibly with a hint of red puffy paint.

anyway, any advice, ideas, constructive criticism would be appreciated

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Viktor Boskovic

New Member
Web strand

I bought three rolls of this from Wilkos for about £1.99 a roll


It was an absolute pain to work with at first as it just kept getting tangled. Eventually I tied one end to something and ran it that way. An obvious solution which took too long to figure out. I ran five lengths of it double the length I wanted the strand.

i then ran each length through a keyring loop and started to wind up the wires. It only took a few to get it looking good and the rough measuring of the lengths meant that some strands hanged loose at places which was what I was hoping for.

F5FC0A7A-C7BA-4EB6-838D-6FAB1D40203B_zpsthdwruol.jpg 81345039-BE3E-46D1-9E81-83C04175B9F3_zpsu6bk5nri.jpg B6E6FFED-7BC7-4517-96C8-DD27D349B42D_zpsbeizc6tb.jpg

Next step was to glue the strand with hot glue. I put loads of glue all over it but when I'd finished the strand still unravelled a little in places. Still looks pretty good though. I put a lot of glue at the end without the ring to make sure it didn't peel apart.

700E21CC-572B-4051-A8AF-A2C17B1CCFAC_zps83npsvzo.jpg F21AC03B-2439-464F-9CAB-075D96ACBC10_zpsa7vduvld.jpg

Viktor Boskovic

New Member
I found this in Hobbycraft for £3. I'll see if I can use it as a face shell or use it somehow to create a mold. It fits my face perfectly.

With some slight modification it might be quite comfortable.

Viktor Boskovic

New Member
So I was inspired by a lady on here called Hendo to pep a face shell and basically polyfill it. I pepped the shell with some normal card and started the 1st layer on the inside. After about an hour waiting for it to dry I checked the tube and it says drys FLEXIBLE. Ha what a tool. Basically, until I get some proper filler I'm left with something akin to a rubber spider-man face. At least the inside will be quite comfortable when wearing it. :D

I'm just waiting on delivery of some puffy paints which I accidentally ordered from America instead of uk and some lenses which tjack has sorted for me.

Still trying to think what I can do with the symbiote suit. I want something a bit unique.

Viktor Boskovic

New Member
Ive been slowly working on the suit. I've brought it with me for a week away working to paint in the evenings. I've had ago at sorting my faceshell out.

4133A266-6306-4CBD-B365-6974081BB983_zpsxyslrtko.jpg AF1D6624-E495-4B57-95B7-16E1FD960F19_zpsbnefn0mv.jpg

I've tried to make it entirely out of materials ive had to hand so i used parcel tape instead of masking tape. I think this resulted in the filler crumbling around the edges. I should be able to repair it with thinner layers of filler in the damaged areas. Ive sanded it down in the areas which are fine. Ive not got a latest photo of it yet though.

Painting the suit in a little hotel in the Cotswolds AONB. Poor lighting in the room but its workable.

B4D658BD-CF75-410A-A47F-0844029A2998_zpsl2lyy189.jpg A3344312-F0CF-4D20-9E93-80A29359247F_zps1txr2g8o.jpg E256EA40-BB07-49E6-AC11-6F16F861B0CB_zpswxry6kun.jpg

Not sure what the cleaner will make of it when they come round tomorrow. I'm debating whether to leave the blue area without painting it.

My lenses have arrived from tjack. Im unsure whether to use magnets or just glue direct to suit. A lot depends on how the faceshell turns out i think

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