The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Replica Project


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Okay, so i've been watching these stuff for like a Year now, and I wanted to do it by my own. I'm gonna try to make a replica TASM 1 suit. THis is my very first time I do something like this.. So i wil probably mess up some stuff but yeah.. Lets get started! :D

The most things are on their way like, The suit, The webshooters, Lense frames and the shoes. Still need to order Puffy Paint, so if any one could help me finding it, please let me know. I'm from Belgium and i don't know where to buy it :/.

I have allready received my Boot covers and The Spider-Man glasses. But the glasses i received are not the one's i orded. So that sucks. But any way, i will make them work! ;) I got these.. IMG_2160.JPG but i ordered these.. download.jpg

About the Boot covers, I orderd the Adult one's but they aren't thight enough and i have pretty skinny legs, so i need to tighten them up. As you can see in the Pictures IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2153.JPG IMG_2158.JPG

More pictures will follow when i have received the other parts!

But yeah thank you for watching my Thread, i hope you guys will follow my Progress! :)
Any tips are always welcome. And sorry for the bad quality pictures.

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Okay so, I tried something out with the glasses, changed the schape a bit and make them into lenses. They are not movie accurate, but they look nice, just need to add some honycomb pattern on the glasses, and spray paint them.

And my webshooters arrived today, Personally I think they look awesome, thanks to my friend Paul. If you need something 3D printed and you live in Belgium, would recommend. Feel free to contact him.

The file i used for the webshooters is a file i found online for free. This is the download link if you want them :)

And this is what they look like 3D printed.

But i still need to Spray paint them.

Thank you for watching my Thread, i hope you guys will follow my Progress. Any tips, i would be pleased to know.



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Sorry for the late post, been very busy the past days. But i'm back now.

Okay so i spray painted the Webshooters, and this is what they look like, i think they look fantastic.

And i received some stuff like my suit and the Face shell.

This is what the suit looks like when i'm not wearing it. I ordered the suit at it's acually pretty cheap and i love it.

And the face shell i bought was the cheapest i could find. It's from hammerheart44 on ebay. It's more a Raimi faceshell. It's is really good quality, but it's to big for me, so i'm nothing with it. So i'm selling it. If you are interested, please let me know. I'm selling it for 20$ originally it is 35$. I don't know the shipping yet, but i'll let you know then. So this is the faceshell.


So thank you for watching. I hope you guys like it. Any tips? Let me know :)

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