The AA-12 shotgun


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Here's my replica AA-12 shotgun, seen in such entertaining fare as COD:MW2, PREDATORS, and of course THE EXPENDABLES, where it actually got it's own scene(!).

The basic black version...(I made this one for a robotics company in California who needed a replica for a trade show in South Korea, that made importing a real one impractical)



And the tricked out PREDATORS version...sorry for the flash, it kinda washed out a lot of the details. Hopefully you get the vibe. I added a digital camo wrap over the resin body and added airsoft parts with the M-60 sling and Vertical Tactical Grip- attached to a real metal rail system. I cast .09 aluminum shims inside the front and rear sites to make them stronger, and a hollow aluminum tube has been run through the front site so the metal ring the sling attaches to is as secure as possible. Seems to work pretty well.

The body is a combination solid resin/rotocast resin filled with foam (like the T2 plasma rifle kits I made last year). The drum, which has a slot in the back and is cast and attached as a separate piece, is also rotocast and foam filled.


Thanks for looking!

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