The 2011 “A” model. The LAST UPGRADE and IMPROVEMENT


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OK Here is the latest new features to my model.

The article will be on Bladezone soon, but I wanted to share it here first:

A major new added feature, a removable ammo clip.

Clip being inserted into housing:


The ammo clip is now a closed unit holding the LEDs and battery used to power them but looking like a real ammo clip with a real looking REM 222 round ready to be loaded into the weapon.


This clip will automatically turn on and light up itself AND power up the green LEDs within the side rod when loaded into the ammo housing and automatically turn off with its removal.
This clip is partly in with just the red LEDs lighting.


And this is with it all the way in with all the LEDs now on.


How does this work?
Here are the insides being tested.


And this is the Housing with the contacts for the side rod and green LEDs.


This is the Clip showing the two contact points on the rear that power the Green LEDs when inserted into the housing.


It has been long believed that there was a reloading scene in the film and from the pictures of extra ammo clips I believe this was at least a couple of clips prepared for this scene: there are about three clips rigged to do this scene, with extra features like a micro switch to turn on and off the LEDs as this special clip is removed and replaced.

(The rest of these clips photos are of real prop/film clips, these were made for the film.)

Here is a real ammo clip with the LEDs and micro lever switch in it.


Funny as the extra clip is still full size SO………I believe they planned on a little Hollywood Magic, a switch in mid act.

Picture this: Deckard is low on ammo, so he pulls the clip from the gun..The LEDs go out as he does this.

He seems to throw it away.

He then pulls from his pocket another ammo clip, and full body model and the LEDs are dark. Like this one:


I think this would be the one we would be shown in the close up, note the lack of any switches.

Then he starts to load in into the housing and the LEDs come on..But wait, there is a load noise and we cut to something like one of the house robots knocking something over.... cut back and we see Deckard slapping home the clip.

The reason for these cuts is full size clip will not fit all the way into the Blaster ammo housing, with a barrel in the way, so a switch is made to the shorter original clip to fully seat it.

So I have corrected this problem by making a shorter ammo clip that will fit and it has a round visible on top ready to load.

This clip will also automatically turn on and off as it is removed and then replaced in the housing. The side switch is still working and is the master on and off.

I do not call this a correction or model change, as it was never seen, then it was never known, other than the pictures of the extra clips, so I consider it an added feature.

And last...

The latest change is a correction and does become a upgrade/ improvement:

A New Bolt.

It took a while for my first impression of the turning bolt’s bottom to wear off. It took the “Other” major model makers version of the bolt to wake me up to how the bolt was shaped.

I had been making it as a “D” and it is more a pie shape, “V” shaped on the bottom and ½ round on top. kind of like a slice of pie.

Old on top and new on bottom.


So all the all metal models will come with these new features.

AND ALL the metal and Plastic kits will have these new features Other than my Version of the Police Issue Version.

If you have a order pending you will get these new features.

The prices will remain the same as before.

OK with these we now have all the details... what the bolt did and how the bolt was shaped.

We know how the clip was wired and that there semmed to be a plan loading scene.

This is the end of an eight year quest...

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And my order is in! These are really going to be amazing, great work on making yet another new discovery about this prop.
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