The 11th Doctor's Sonic Cane


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Having watched TV's 'Doctor Who' on saturday, I thought it might be nice to make a Sonic Cane like his.

So, having a spare 11th Doctor sonic, an old pool cue, a 60mm plastic sphere and a long weekend to hand, I thought I'd make one.





Works just like the one on the show, only real difference is mine has a taper, whereas the one on TV was straight.

It's a little bit fast of a and dirty build, and the four part ball section needs some fine tuning, but it'll do for now!


Billy Cranston

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Gah, you beat me to it. This was the first time I saw a prop on any show or movie and thought, "I can make that!"

Where did you get the sphere and how did you quarter it so cleanly?


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Wow, you've definitely won the award for "fastest build". After seeing such a fine prop I was also tempted to build one, hope you're able to provide tips for painting it silver and attaching the ball quadrants.

Shame the rest of the episode was a little bit "meh".


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Very nice! Does the button on the side open it up too? Looks like a release button for an automatic umbrella...


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Oh dear oh dear oh dear - someone actually made it!

Well done but "sheesh" what a lame excuse for a prop :p (that isn't aimed at you, its aimed at Moffett!)
wow thats brilliant! i want one:) btw i think the doctor used the middle of the cane to emit a light.

He did.

View attachment 65842

Also, the cane was straight with a heavily tapered tip.

View attachment 65843

Those things aside, this is still a great build, and wow was it fast!

On a side note, this is the first time, out of ALL the Doctor Who stories that I felt the Doctor was over reliant on his sonic. I mean, he loaned it out so he built a new one...for a simple scan...while he was dying? :unsure


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I'm attempting to make this prop, as my first prop making project!

I was just wondering if you could impart any knowledge or tips on the creation process?


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Immediately after this episode I knew this item was prime material for a buildup here over the next few weeks but I'm delightfully astounded it came to fruition far sooner, stellar work sir!
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