The 1/350 Enterprise Refit (looking for tips on how to approach this monster)


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Well, I think I am going to take the dive and finally build this monster. I have already ordered Paragraphix's Photoetched set. But I am currently deciding how I want to apply the aztec detail. Should I paint it on or should I go with a decal set?

Does anyone know what happened to Acreation Models? There website is still up but they don't accept direct orders and they seem to be sold out everywhere I look. I know the Aztec decals that were included with the kit are supposedly not particularly accurate. Does anyone know anything about the decal set that round 2 is now selling separately, They are advertised has having the different strong back schemes, did they fix the inaccuracies or are they Identical to the decals that used to be included with the kit?

Honestly I'm not wild about using decals so I figure I might as well just paint them on. I understand Orbital Drydocks mask set is supposed to be outstanding. But I have several paint application questions. Number 1. Trek Modelers Paint guide suggests using acrylic paints for the basic colors of the model. But for the aztecing recommends using Lacquer paints. Specifically from this website. I was under the impression the lacquer paint would destroy acrylic paint if applied over it. Also I'm not wild about the idea of using lacquer based paints, because of the fumes. Are there any acrylic options available?

Those are my main questions, however all tips are welcome.


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Lacquers are a problem over enamels but acrylic is fine as long as it's fully dry. Plus the lacquers for aztecs should be misted very lightly, so won't be a concern.

Check out Trekworks on Youtube, he did a multi part build series on the refit with all the details
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I would paint the aztec panels. The aztec dummy templates worked great for me and it was actually a fun process. All I would say is be careful to lighten your paint on the strong back to get a better scale effect. I've seen a lot of builds where the strong back colors are very high contrast and it really kills the scale.


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Hi JLKahn,

I also tackled one of these monsters in 2009, before Polar Lights re-released the kit with the added Aztec decal sheets. Even if I had the decals I would still paint the paneling. So I agree with JeffBond on using the Aztec Dummy sheets. I did and I also went the added step of adding additional layers by using frisket sheeting printed with downloads via It was tedious and a little frustrating, but the finished result was well worth it. I also don't use lacquer paints, except for Testors dull coat. Instead, all my stuff is with acrylics, but with some creative thought and testing using pearlescent craft paints can give a fantastic result. JeffBond mentioned the strongback and again he's spot on for scale colors.