That's not my Diagnosis: Dark Knight Scarecrow Mask


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I've been working on this as a soft sculpture for my 3D art class for a few weeks, I thought I'd share my progress.

V1- Muslin, no mouth

V2- Muslin, test mouth

V3-Burplap WIP, mouth not sewn yet

V-3 With 90% of mouth done, I think I need to move the stitching up a little higher. What does the community think?





After studying screen caps and the comicon display photos to make up my flat pattern, I'm fairly certain the original was sewn from a burlap sack and not flat burlap. It is, however, possible to make a very close replica using flat burlap. Once I work out the final pattern kinks I could make it available if there is enough interest. Let me know what you think with comments and critique please!

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Wow, too bad no one has commented on this yet, because it looks really good! However, I do admit that the mouth stitching is a little too low. I think that if you raised it about three inches, it would look perfect!

I'm actually considering going as Scarecrow for my next local comic con, so I'm really curious as to how you made this exactly. What's that muslim mask I see in the first two pictures? Does it slip under the real mask to prevent itching? Or was it just a prototype for the real mask?


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Do you have a pattern worked out? I'm looking to maybe re-make my mask, and I couldn't even begin to remember what I did back in 2007.


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Sorry I haven't been around this neck of the woods for awhile. I can send you how I made it, but in retrospect I'm pretty sure the mask was made from a sack rather than flat burlap.
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