"That Gun" from Fallout:New Vegas

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    RATCHET Active Member

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    I just finished up my build of "That Gun" from Fallout:New Vegas out of a toy gun I bought from Amazon for 10 dollars. I used Amazing Sculpt to build up most of the gun besides filling it with hot glue and adding Sintra and various tidbits around it . I'm open to any critiques on this as I was out of my comfort zone on this build since I'm so used to foam and foam board.

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  2. falconNL

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    Wow fantastic job on the weathering and paint!
  3. Sporkey

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    Awesome conversion!

    RATCHET Active Member

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    Thanks! It was a great learning experience for me. Now I can't wait to put together a proper display for this and move on to my next project.
  5. omooney

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    Great Build! I'm also thoroughly impressed with the folks at Bethesda for putting the Blade Runner Pistol in the game! So cool!
  6. Postapocalympic

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    I like how you used the pvc to replace the bullet section. I've seen some "custom" repaints of this base pistol for sale and most just paint over the bullets. Overall a very good job.

    RATCHET Active Member

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    Thank you! I have seen quite a few repaints of this pistol and I wasn't about to do that myself. I wanted to try and get It as close to the game model I could within my skill set. I am just surprised I was able to make it look this good having never really used the materials before. Thanks so much for looking and commenting. Its very much appreciated.
  8. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    That looks really good! I may have to get one of these now.
  9. GhostMinion

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    Very nice. :thumbsup

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