Thanks to you…


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After clicking through this vast thread, I have to comment on the passion, kindness and exceptional creative talents I've seen here. Your creative work has been a pleasure to read about and see.. and in some cases, saved for display in my own space.

I have a new space at home that sorely needed a Time Bandit map, why? Well, I was in a George Harrison youtube rabbit hole and recalled seeing the movie when it came out. It was the map that registered then and you know how the rest goes…making one was a little too advanced for me, so purchasing one was the answer (a certain NZ maker had just the thing). I will make a fitting relic-like hanger to display it (wood is my comfort zone), after I distress this map just a little more (also learned here at therpf).

That's how it starts, yes? haha…then something displaying air mail envelopes (found within this thread) with travel adventure locations shared with the love of my life… and as I might get peckish toiling away there, I'll try my hand at making a few cans of Soylent Green and Dharma soup and those Silent Running drones, well..have to have those too….

and then…. Hmm, I think you know the path.

My way of expressing thanks to you, inspired and reminded that everyone has a talent and you have certainly impressed me!

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