Deprecated TGRI Canisters from TMNT II (seller banned)

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Thinking of doing another run of these. They would be constructed screen accurately:

-Acrylic tubing, painted green on the inside.
-PVC side plates with decals.
-Resin endcaps.

Price would run $100 each plus shipping in the US. I'm going to give myself a one month turn around time, though it likely will be less(just being up front as I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment).

Would start the first run at 5.

First Run:
1. ave4uevoli - PAID
2. MiamiLoco - PAID
3. Islandbat - PAID
4.Tr97666 - PAID
5. Egos13

Second Run:
6. Xxblackbird - PAID
7. macman27 - PAID
8. LB66679 - PAID
9. PunisherWarrior - PAID
10. Xxblackbird - PAID

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Re: TGRI Canisters from TMNT II

Awesome. Added you!

I will send out PMs with payment instructions later this evening. Leaving this open for more people to join in, but 5 spots filled gets the run started. Thanks everyone :)
Re: TGRI Canisters from TMNT II

Any more pictures of a completed canister
They're on my external hard drive. I will pull it out tonight and see if I can find them. Believe it or not, I still haven't made one of these for myself :lol Otherwise I would take some new photos.
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