TFU II Terror Trooper Costume WIP


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Earlier today I was able to get my hands on the Terror Trooper Model from The Force Unleashed II. Now I'm planning to be the first to have a finished costume of it. I already have all the parts broken down and unfolded in pepakura, and I already have someone else that will be building the parts for me, strapping on the costume will be fun, but I'm planning to use a black lycra undersuit for the costume I might go with a body glove which is what some other Star Wars costumers use. As for the pep model files I don't know if I am going to hand them out just yet I would like to see how my suit turns out first so I know the scale is right for other people.
Its good to see TFU II files being put to use. I'm eager to see how this turns out. Also, perhaps a gray body suit would be the most effective as the troopers undersuit appears to be grayish .
Looks like a windbreaker undersuit almost. I also have the files for the Jumptrooper from the game now too, the jetpack looks a little like the Jetpack Trooper that's spotted outside the Deathstar docking bay in a scene.
Seeing as how nobody seems to be into this project enough to make it past a single post in this thread, it got me going as I too loved this trooper.

I searched all the usual places, but was unable to come up with a .pdo file for this armor.

I was however able to locate the above mentioned original .obj file with textures. When I get home from work I will start playing around with it to pull the armor from the file and create a .pdo suitable to be worn.

If in the meantime the original poster wanted to share that .pdo file, it would be great as I have NO idea where they obtained it.

For anyone interested I will update my progress in this thread until I have something substantial enough to start my own thread. But for the moment this thread bares the proper title, it just seams to have died.

EDIT: Got lucky. The original 3D file kept the cloth and armor sections as separate pieces, so I was able to extract the soft goods from the file and save the armor separately. Just need to scale and play with the unfold for the best layout when I get home now. Should have something in the next 24-48 hours depending on how late of a day I have.
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Holy mother of all things tedious... Ten minutes in I could tell why nobody (to the best of my knowledge) has done this one. I've been at this thing for SIX HOURS, and have only reached the halfway point of organising the unfold. I intend the first release to be ready by the end of the weekend, if not sooner, and will be formated in .pdo in both lined and unlined versions. I will then rescale and reorganize for A4 and upload lined and unlined as well. Later, when I have a chance to put together a working instruction sheet, I will release in .PDF for those who do not have or know how to use pepakura. However, please be advised I will not be taking the time to rescale and upload different sizes in .PDF. I will leave the pep files unlocked to allow for scaling, but the .pdo version will only be offered in the current scale I myself intend to use which is for a 6' weight and height proportionate male. So please, don't ask. This takes a long while to produce so I would never see the end of this project if I scaled a .PDF for everyone. Also, please don't ask me for an .stl file. I'm not into 3d printing yet myself, and have no education in how to produce an image good enough for printing. Down the road, I may take the time to aquire said knowledge and share, but not at this time. Foam users beware, this will NOT be an easy conversion. Lots and lots of little details and angles... I would love to see it done that way, but when I start mine (even though EVA is my preferred method) I will be glassing card stock and doing it the hard way.
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