TFA Stormie Helmet


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Just sharing a homebrew project........

I thought I'd attempt a TFA Stormtrooper helmet using an old anh stunt bucket as a base. My plan is to use cardboards in varying thickness to help in the transformation. When done, bondo will be applied and sanded to shape. With the various pics on the net, I embarked a few days ago and below are pics of what progress Im currently at the moment.
I've gone thru a lot of changes - in fact, things get omitted and added on a daily basis due to the nuances and angles of how the pics were taken on google search. I could only hope Im nearing the stage of applying bondo and shaping.

Mardon (MLC)

IMG_2251.jpg IMG_2250.jpg IMG_2252.jpg IMG_2253.jpg IMG_2254.jpg IMG_2270.jpg IMG_2271.jpg


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Overall I like it. Should the top of the dome be rounder? That was one think that bothered me about the new design.


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Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it.

I spend about a few hours daily to work on it but surely it aint a walk in the park. There are details that I add, then remove the next day........only to add it back on the 3rd day. Trying to get that "look" more closely to the pics on the net. Thou at different camera angles, you do see them differently as well - so the addition and omission still continues.
Even seeing the 'teeth' of the anh stunt was throwing me off, so I had to use black card and cover it.

Cavx - you are right on the dome, it needs to be rounder and a bit higher on TFA. The anh stunt is more of an elliptical shape and I didnt bother with adding card as I thought it best to add the bondo directly and sand to shape.
I did add card on the back side of the helmet to reduce bondo material 'coz it seems TFA has a sloping curve going up compared to the anh that has more of a prominent "bump" in the nape area. Cant wait to add bondo.


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Not much done but I got to bondo the chin area and sanded to shape. Hopefully more time next week to bondo the dome and make it rounder.

IMG_2336.jpg IMG_2337.jpg IMG_2338.jpg


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Bondo'ed the nose and "W" mouth/cheek profile cut out. I think having the profile cut out will make it easier to paint since the Polyethylene screen is separated. While the 'screen' below is not the right type, I thought I'd check the effect.

IMG_2362.jpg IMG_2363.jpg IMG_2364.jpg IMG_2366.jpg IMG_2367.jpg


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Thanks guys!

When I saw the side profile pic I posted a day or so ago, the back portion looked terribly wrong. We added more bondo today, focused on the back side and did some panel lines.
Please excuse the bondo mess on the black portions of the mouth.

Mardon (MLC)

IMG_2471.jpg IMG_2470.jpg IMG_2469.jpg IMG_2468.jpg IMG_2467.jpg IMG_2466.jpg


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Hello Steve,

Are you referring to the section of the 7 vents that tapers in front and goes up the edge of the bottom side of the mouth?

Mardon (MLC)

Yes and particularly when the sides curve into the front. I noticed many who have attempted to make this helmet end up making it flat and resulting in more of a boxy look than the smooth streamline look that is presented.


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So the turn should be like a "banking", whereas the front is lower than the rear right on the corner - did I understand you correctly?
If so, I think I got it and thanks for the tip!

Mardon (MLC)
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