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Clearing out more stuff because I can't fit it all in my detolf cases and I need $ for vet bills, 3d printer repair and resin!

Selling this in one package at a good price to move 'em. Includes:

Rey's Blaster (metal and resin)
Resin 3d printed body and barrel, real metal side gripframe plates, metal hardware. Moving trigger and safety (will be installed upon purchase). Hollow body in case someone wants to add electronics. Painted with Alclad Chrome using a special technique I devised to simulate worn aluminum.

Star Detroyer Capacitor (real found parts replica)
I built this Capacitor replica back when everyone was raging about them. This is made from a genuine, correct steel collet and toolbox casing- not a resin casting! Really nice heft to it... feels like a real part. I understand the real parts are becoming rather rare these days.

Rey's Saber headpiece Collet (real steel found part)
This is, I believe, the correct size for Rey's saber (and staff). It's smaller than the one used in the SD Capacitor.

If you want it, please PM ME and DO NOT use the buy-it-now button because it can cause problems with Paypal.


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