TFA Flametrooper WIP


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Hi all! Started a big process recently to make the new Episode 7 Flametrooper as seen in the second trailer and on display at SWCA this year! uploadfromtaptalk1436046473462.jpg
So I began with the chest. I got a Pepakura file done up and made this baby! uploadfromtaptalk1436046529323.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436046552813.jpg
Next I started on one of the biggest conquests for this suit, the flamethrower itself. No measurements and limited pictures make for a difficult build process haha Here's what I've got so far from start to current: uploadfromtaptalk1436046747428.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436046794475.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436046858949.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436046893941.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436046938652.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1436047011669.jpg
I'm trying to be as accurate as reasonably possible (the stock pvc is going to get cut obviously haha) Let me know what you think! Thanks!![emoji2]

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