TFA Captain America costume


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I wore my CA TFA costume for the first time last night as I had just finished it. Was literally the first time that I put it on. Still needs some major tweaking though.




Paul D.
Where did you get the Shield?

I ordered one and what I received was Garbage, and it was placed in a box too small for the shield so the Shield was warped so I returned it!

I got my shield from 80's Not bad, but, yes, kind of flimsy, but suitable for the price. Thanks.


Helmet was made by Brin on "league of heroes". I cut it and modified it with leather stips.

After running out of time on my attempt as modifying a Blue Mechanics jumpsuit, I bought the Base suit on Ebay made by Jo from "cosplaying". I had to do some tailoring to it as the white/grey torso area is too short while blue top is too long. It still needs work as straps are too skinny and too far apart as well as shoulder/bicep area flaps are too wide. Shoulder stars are too big also.

Belt pouches bought on Ebay and painted with Nu life spray as well as gloves bought on ebay, boots too modified top portion.

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