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    Hey everyone! So recently i was asked to make a sniper rifle prop from tf2 for an upcoming con in my city.

    So the first thing i did was make the stock out of EVA foam and used my rotary tool on it for a while to give it a curved shape.
    Next i added the barrel and gave the foam parts multiple coats of watered down elmers glue to make the foam less absorbent and to give the paint job a nicer look in the end.
    After that all dried and i cleaned up the mess i got to work on the railing that goes below the scope. this part didn't take long because i got away with using scrap foam from previous projects.
    then I got to work on making the scope. This was a bit more difficult than the other parts since i didnt have my heat gun to bend the foam into a circular shape to hot glue.
    Once that was finished and the layers of glue were dry got to painting it. For the scope i used green spray paint (I cant remember which kind I used and I'm not at home so I cant check) and for the stock I mixed red and black acrylic paint to make the brown and the barrel and railing I mixed white and black to make grey. Then I just added the wire on the scope and glued the two parts together with hot glue and brought it over to the persons house to drop it off!

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