TF Boba Fett ESB Bucket Show n Tell


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Allright folks, time for a review of my new Fett bucket. I am sure many of you have followed the TF thread if you are a Fett attict like my self over on The Dented Helmet. Many have wondered what the true details of it are, how it measures up... well I got one and here is what I think. I posted pics of it next to an MSH2 for comparisons since many belived it to have similaritys and becase the MSH2 is the favorite of the board. The pics show it is indeed a very different helmet but with all the screen details you could ask for.

The helmet as it was out of the box:
I was suprised to find that this helmet is as ready to go as it is. The pics I took are right out of the box, no triming. The only thing I did was bolt in the earpeice and the RF. This ear peice comes pre drilled with correct screws by the way. No other fett bucket to date has this. The finish is clear with no air bubble, only in need of some polish to bring out the true silver shine and let me tell ya, its SILVER. I compared the cold case ear cap to the MS3 ear cap and in comparrison the MS3 has a bit of a yellow tint to it. I am guessing its from either the metal powder or the resin. The TF cold cast bucket has no hue other then the proper steel look once polished up.

A note about the earcaps:
The ear caps (the lower left and the long right one) are cast into the helmet. This may bother some but I love it. No trying to line them up and glue them on. Other then the RF topper and borden connector there is no need to glue on this bucket. The origonal paint job was done with the ear caps on any how so why would it matter?

The stalk:
This stalk has a precast hollow bolt built in and an alumium rod cast into it, This dose several things, allows strenth to the stalk, and gives you a ready made spot to run the wires to the inside of the helmet. This is normaly a pain to have to drill out and mod but no more... :) You can now set up your lighting system without drilling a single hole... and this includes the topper....

The topper:
This is a 2 part peice that he cast in coldcast metal resin for the housing to be accurate to the ESB style, that came painted black. The "acrylic" part seems to be clear resin, no air bubles, clean as can be... Sadly I broke my housing pulling the clear part out (it fits snug) but I will be getting a replacement soon. I glued the broken part for the pictures.

The details:
Overall every mod that I am making to the other buckets I own are here and more. Any trained eye will see what I am talking about. The only thing he dosnt have on this bucket (and this is me bing the Fett fenatic that I am) is th tiny raised portion between the top ear and the bottom ear on the left side. That it folks... everything else is dead on.....

I have side by side shots next to the MSH2 the the talented Fetpride created so you can compare detail... I have to say, for what is currently available this is the best I have seen bucket wise for TDH. TF is a ture artist and a hell of a good guy. Thanks so much TF for creating such a grand bucket, I cant wait to paint it...

:) :thumbsup

Enjoy the pics everyone... Thanks Spidyfett for bringing over your bucket for us to shoot with mine.



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Thanks for the review. I wish I wasn't broke. I would love to pick one up. Where might I find the ordering and pricing info so I can set a goal for myself?


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Thanks for the review. I wish I wasn't broke. I would love to pick one up. Where might I find the ordering and pricing info so I can set a goal for myself?
Shoot me a PM if you want more info on the artist who built this for me. He gave me permission to post this review of the bucket he cast for me but I have yet to hear from him as far as giving out his contact info. As soon as he gives me that info I will shoot it over to you. But its worth saving for... I own 4 buckets at the moment, all Fett replicas and this is by far the best one.


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Hey RIP... you joined this enrollment period too. :)

It is indeed one of the best I have seen... wish I could show it to you in person... its one of those things you got to see in person. :)