Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface 74 Pretty Woman Costume


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Time for another TCM massacre costume, doing a 74 Pretty Woman costume commission this time and scored a TOTS mask which is awesome and was surprisingly painted very well. Also trimmed and styles the hair some, and will be adding some eyelashes as well. Just finished painting up another tie as well which is hard to do free-hand but came out great and is my 2ND one. I also had the expensive screen printed one from Sweden I think for like $80 or something but sold it I think, so now I just paint them up myself using acrylics paints and some latex.




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TOTS Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pretty Woman Mask. Styled and trimmed the hair slightly and will be adding eyelashes next.


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A few more pics of the mask. Not sure why they are showing up tiny like that this image uploader is not working properly to shot them big as it did before.
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