"Terra Nova" prop gun build

Jonny B

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Hi all, thought I'd share what I finished up today. Well, not "Finished" exactly, still a few details to do but good enough to show you all.

Here's where I started...


And here's where I ended up...


Fun build and I documented it all, so if there's interest in learning how to make this, just ask :)
Whoa! That's darn close if not identical to the real prop. Need more pics, tutorials even better!

I've got my Recon collecting dust, maybe I can do something to it soon with your help.
I believe the one in the OP is a recon cs-6.

edit: With modifications of course. Not all of it is from the out of box parts, I don't think?
JohnyB's post shows a Recon with extras on it. The top part looks like the laser light doubled up and they added parts of the stock in other places.

Gregdoom's is the Longshot just painted black. I guess they need to save money.

I'm all for the using modded toys for futuristic look. But a rifle prop with $25 toy and a can of spray paint is just lazy.
Not to distract from the original poster's build, your gun looks DAMN fine and it's very sharp replica, great job on it...


I'm all for the using modded toys for futuristic look. But a rifle prop with $25 toy and a can of spray paint is just lazy.

I was going to say the same thing about toys being used, seems more and more productions are simply repainting those damn NERF guns with minimal to no creativity involved in disguising them... Yeah the NERF guns look the part and looks cool but just the same, I wish studios would invest a little more creativity in the props painting an over the counter toy is as has been said "just lazy"...
Sorry! sorry!, Got really tied up in the shop finishing up some props for All Hallows Eve.

As I'm new here, how many pictures can I post? There's a LOT of them for this build...
I believe there are no images limit on the RPF... or I'm in big trouble. :p

Your build is VERY cool, and I hope you'll forgive our little detour about nerf props. :)

@exoray, check out Kevin Sorbo's Prardox (2010 dvd), he's holding a slightly modified and painted over nerf in the poster, didn't bother to watch the film though. I laughed at that when I saw it, and now look at the "most expensive TV show ever created".
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