Terra Nova Pistol replica


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So my son has long forgotten about his Nerf guns so I took a shot at this prop replica. I gotta say, I was surprised at the amount of custom work it took to get the look right. Far from the "glue a couple parts together" that I had heard.

And for you Terra Nova purists, I did take a few design liberties, but it seem there are a few models seen on the show, so I felt justified putting my unique spin on some details. Anyway, this was a fun build on the cheap. And with some weight added, it's a credible replica.


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Thanks, ... no build pics ... I was in the zone! Plus I had more than my share of "aaauugh this isn't turning out!!" moments. Including one when I used laquer thinner to remove a bad primer job, and the thinner started to crack the plastic of the gun. I was able to salvage it though.


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Nice job. Looks so much like a real weapon.

What did you use for the sight on top and to fill in the slots on the sides?

I am going to start this soon. Looking forward to the fun.

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