Terminator Wig


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Hi Gang,

It seems the best advice is to use a Gregory wig to put on an Arnold bust, then have it cut and styled.

Big question is: what colour?

These are the colour choices available:
1-black, 1B-off black, 2-darkest brown-almost black, 4-dark brown, 6-chestnut brown, 8-light chestnut brown, 10-medium golden brown, 12-light golden reddish brown, 14-light golden brown, 16-honey ash blonde, 24-light golden blonde, 613-pale blonde, 34-chestnut brown with 25% gray, 36-light chestnut brown with 25% gray, 38-light golden reddish brown with 35% gray, 44-dark brown with 50% gray, 48-light chestnut brown with 50% gray, 51-gray with 25% darkest brown, 56-gray with 10% chestnut brown, 59-gray with 5% black, 280-black with 5% gray, or 281-darkest brown*with 5% gray.

Thanks for any help...


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I originally ordered a 6 (chestnut brown) and found that too dark. I then ordered an 8 (light chestnut brown) and was very happy with the results.


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Sure! Here are some pics:





And I have to give a shout out to Streetjudge for painting this guy. He is amazing.


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Any chance that someone has made a tutorial for putting these Gregory wigs on to the bust? I put mine on and he looks kinda stupid. Where do I start?


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You can always send it to me and I can finish it. I've had quite a bit of experience with these wigs so far. And thanks Joe for the compliment! :) Oh, your terminator detail kit was mailed to me, I'll get on it in a few days and send it to you.


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Hey guys. Any advice on fixing the wig down? I got a gregory for a T3. I was thinking of glueing it down then taking it to a hairdresser to style like a T3.

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